KaarPo: References

KaarPo has worked for companies including:

SDC: Online Banking Security

SDC (Scandinavian Data Center): Project manager for security measures (2010-11).

BEC: eBanking Security

BEC is a full-service IT house, delivering IT services to more than a hundred financial institutions in Denmark.

KaarPo has been responsible for the security of BEC's eBanking solution (2007-10):

SatAir: ERP project

Satair supplies aircraft parts and service solutions. KaarPo has been responsible for:

TDC Mobil: Inter-departmental Project Management

KaarPo has been responsible for inter-departmental project management of prioritized product development projects for TDC Mobile (2005).

eSe Security: SME Security Solution

KaarPo has been responsible for the development of En.Gate for eSe Security.


KaarPo's responsibilities (2003-05):

SiteShop: SuperOffice Modules

As a subcontractor to Siteshop KaarPo has developed confidentiality modules for SuperOffice (2002-05).


KaarPo's responsibilities:

The modules are used by many enterprises, including:

NOKIA Networks: Project Management

Before founding KaarPo in 2002, Henrik Kaare Poulsen was employed by NOKIA Networks (Now NOKIA Siemens Networks):
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