Outside the Box

KaarPo ensures success in projects that fall somewhat outside the usual scope.

Examples include projects in areas where the organization has no experience, projects with unclear targets, and projects where it is not clear which methods should be employed to reach the goals.

New Areas

Management of projects in areas, in which the organization has no prior experience, is a challenge.

KaarPo has a lot of experience in such projects, and can minimize the risk for your organization.

As an example, when NOKIA was primarily selling equipment, Henrik Kaare Poulsen took part in the development of the "services" business, and undertook the management of "Turn key projects", where complete networks where delivered to the customer.

Unclear Targets

KaarPo is an expert in management of projects with unclear targets.

KaarPo ensures clarification of project goals through close co-operation with the customer.

Often, with a revision and clarification of requirements, the customer will be more satisfied with the final result.

For example, when KaarPo was developing software for Siteshop, prototyping was used extensively to verify and revise customer requirements.

Unclear Methods

Special care needs to be taken in projects, where the implementation methods a unknown or not well defined.

KaarPo has a proven track record in managing such projects.

When the start-up eSe Security wanted to implement a "SME Security Solution", KaarPo implemented methods for version control, continous builds, and peer reviews. Those measures enhanced the quality of the product significantly.

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